Car Trips With Kitty Sara Goldenthal

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Are you thinking about taking your cat on a journey by car, but you’re a little concerned about what might happen?

Are you worried that the trip will be too stressful, or that your beloved kitty friend will get sick, or spend the entire trip howling in fear?  Or worse, will escape and become lost in a strange place far from home?

Wouldn’t you love it if there were a complete guide available that made driving with cats easy?  A guide that covered every aspect of car travel with your cat, from preparing for the trip, to being out on the road, to arriving safe and relaxed at your destination?

Well, you’re in luck!  The only guide you’ll ever need is right here, and it will help you understand everything you need to know.  My e-book, Car Trips With Kitty, will show you how to make road trips with your feline friends safe, comfortable and worry-free.

 In the past five years, I have traveled thousands of miles by car with my two cats.  Let me show you:

-          How to take the stress and worry out of the trip by doing some simple planning ahead of time;

-          How you can help your cat learn to enjoy spending time in a cat carrier;

-          An important way you can know before you leave how your kitty will react to the trip;

-          Easy ways to keep kitty calm while on the road;

-          Products and services that will make the difference between a hard trip and an easy one;

-          How to make it nearly impossible that your kitty will escape and become lost – and the best ways to find her again in the unlikely event that she does;

-          Several things you should do before you go on your trip – and a couple of things you must never do;

Packed with tips and techniques that will save you money, time and headaches, I believe that Car Trips With Kitty is the definitive guide to traveling by car with your cat.  

It has more than 30 sections, covering everything from the best (and worst) cat-friendly hotels and motels, to what snacks to feed your kitty, to health issues, to litter box concerns.  

And it’s written in an easy-to-read, fun and friendly style, by a cat lover just like you.  If you’re planning a car trip with kitty, you will refer to this book again and again as you prepare for your trip.  Everything you need is in the book.

Further, for a limited time, I'm offering readers of this e-book a free 30-minute consultation by Skype or telephone.  Just contact me with the promo code in the back of the book.  Now that's a deal you can't beat!

So buy Car Trips With Kitty today, and make your cat’s next car ride your cat’s best car ride.

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