"Sara is a miracle worker! I am normally a skeptic when it comes to alternative therapies but she has me convinced. She devised a program for my cats involving flower essences and touch therapies and the change has been remarkable – my semi feral cat has been coming right up to me for attention, which I never thought I’d see happen. Sara has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend her!"

            ~ Sally Poole

Is your kitty:

* Fearful, anxious or hiding all the time?
* Afraid of loud noises, or of being touched?
* Showing signs of stress, such as litter box issues or hair tugging?

* Do you have a shy shelter or rescue kitty that you want to help acclimate to their new home?

I can help!  

I have 15 years experience working with cat behavior issues.  I specialize in working with anxious, depressed, and timid kitties.  These kinds of kitties are extremely sensitive and are a very good match for the techniques I use to help them.  

By using a combination of The Bach Flower Essences and TTouch, I have helped hundreds of emotionally distressed cats feel better.  When kitties feel safer, confident, and more relaxed, their behavioral issues subside. 

My kitty clients are so much happier, and their guardians are so much happier knowing their feline friend is feeling so much better.

Please check out my website and contact me for more information.